Eat a wide variety of food to ensure all your micronutrient requirements are met.

You should get used to combining protein, fat and carbs in each meal or snack. You need starchy carbs for breakfast and lunch to fuel activity, but for the evening meal the carbs should be replaced by vegetables.

You don’t need to eat enormous meal to achieve this balance, in fact 4-5 smaller meals a day can keep you trim, and as long as you eat the correct foods then this will help you maintain good energy levels throughout the day:

  • Start each training session well hydrated. And after exercise aim to drink at least one bottle of water (that’s why we provide bottles of water each lesson to keep you hydrated).
  • Avoid sugary foods. Sugar is turned into glucose very quickly, which gives you an energy spike then leaves you feeling hungry sooner than after healthy snacks (e.g. fresh fruit, natural cereal bars, nuts). If you crave sweet stuff, try a few squares of dark chocolate and curb your temptations.
  • If it’s cold, think about drinking some warm drinks, like herbal tea, thus helping your body warm up.
  • Eat green vegetables rather than starchy foods with your evening meal. You’re likely to be less active later in the day so you won’t need quick-release energy, but rather the slower release energy you’ll get from these complex carbs.
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