Yoga for Teens.

Yoga For Teenagers..


When you are 13-year-old it takes a lot, to doesn’t panic.  By accepting the unique issues we were faced everyday—insecurity about our changing bodies, the enormous pressure to fit in in those fast moving world, stressful schedules, and uncertainty about our beliefs and our futures.

Yoga For Teens! This practice is designed for teens but beneficial for all ages.,  Yoga is great physical  and psychological benefits for teens. Regular yoga practice improves the mood and changes how stress and anxiety. Yoga also helps improve cognitive functioning, especially the individual’s memory, and performance. A 20-minute yoga session every day can improve an adolescent’s performance in tests, in terms of accuracy and speed.

The breathing exercises in yoga improve concentration. Yoga teaches kids how to use their breath to stay focused on the task at hand.

‘If you doesn’t know an answer, it’s simply take a few seconds to breathe deeply and focus’—a technique I learned from practicing yoga.

It is a perfect example of why teenagers need yoga.

By Power Asana Yoga.

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