Meet our fearless leader.

Olga is the Founder of Power Asana Yoga. Her passion for yoga began in Asia in the early 90’s as a student to educate herself, when she was immediately drawn to yoga as it gave her a heightened sense of awareness, focus and a complete sense of her wellbeing.

This grew into passion to learn  more about  yoga  and participate to different workshops from teachers all over the world. Since then she has studied, and practiced many different styles of yoga until becoming a master herself.

 She completed:

  • 2015 – 200 Hours Hot Vinyasa in Singapore
  • 2016 – 200 Hours Ashtanga in Bali 
  • 2016 – 100 Hours Yin Yoga in Poland
  • 2016 – Odaka Yoga @ Kids in Italy
  • 2017 – 50 Hours prenatal/postnatal + children + teens yoga
  • 2018 – Mat Pilates in Italy 

But it doesn’t stop here, she believes in constantly upgrading herself and continues to study and challenge herself.

After studying mostly in Asia – Singapore, Thailand, Bali – she became a prominent resident of studios in Europe. Olga is now owning Power Asana Yoga Studio in Milan and teaching group and private classes.

Olga views teaching as a service, bringing her knowledge and positive attitude to her students. Her classes include a dynamic flow punctured by clear alignments, instructions and demonstrations. She wants to give students a clear understanding that most of the Asana practice is a connection between your body and your soul.

Olga believes that “Yoga is 99 percent practice and one percent theory.”